Offering Goods
Collection of Goods
Goods You can Offer
How to Supply
Application for Offer

Collection of Goods

We are looking for furniture and home appliances that can still be used. If you are planning to dispose of boarding supplies that are still in use, such as when moving, please provide them to us. We mainly intend to be provided by university students, but we also accept offers from other people.

Some recycle shops also take away old furniture and home appliances. Before you apply to us, please consider using recycle shop.

Application Acceptance Period

We start to accept on 2020/1/15(Wed.)
(Caution: detline of application is seven days before the desired date.)

How to Supply

You can supply goods by two ways. Please read this page- "How to Supply"

Collection dates

By truck
3/3(Tue.), 3/8(Sun.) and 3/14(Sat.)
By bringing
3/3(Tue.), 3/8(Sun.), 3/14(Sat.) and 3/28(Sat.)
*About bringing, if the above schedule does not work for you, we will be happy to consult you during the period from 2/14 to 3/27. Please fill in the remarks column of the application form to that effect.

About collection fee

Though collection is free of charge for both truck and bringing, please donate about 1000-2000 yen in order to continue to next year.

In order to hold a reuse market, it costs about 150,000 yen, mainly for trucks used to collect and deliver boarding supplies. The provision of goods to new students is free of charge, and we plan to cover these expenses mainly with your donation.

If you agree with our purpose, which contributes to reducing the environmental burden, please ask the staff for help when collecting the items.

Procedure for providing goods

STEP1: Confirmation of information

  1. Check if the item can be provided. -"Goods You can Offer"
  2. Check the delivery method and collection date. -"How to Supply"

STEP2: Application - Determination of delivery date

  1. Apply for supplying.

    -Application Form (By truck)
    -Application Form (By bringing)

  2. About 2 to 3 days after application, you will receive an application acceptance email from us.
  3. The committee will inform you of the collection date and time two days before the date of collection.

STEP3: On the day of the offer

By truck
We will ask for collection at the determined date and time of collection.
By bringing
Please come to the warehouse at the determined date and time of collection.
The location of the warehouse will be notified along with the collection date. Prease read "How to Supply" too. We also lend trolleys and rear cars. If you wish to rent, please let us know when you apply.