[Caution!]The Reuse Market has been called off in accordance with the Nagoya University's policy on "COVID-19".

Since the maker isn't good at english, there are many mistakes. If you have question, please let us know from "Contact Us".
Nagoya University Reuse Market is an event where furniture and home appliances, etc., provided mainly by graduates, are handed over to new pick-ups.
It has been held for 25 years with the aim of building a recycling-based society in the area centered on Nagoya University.

Graduates who are planning to move or new students planning to stay are encouraged to consider using it!

In addition, we look forward to the participation of current students and local people!

This reuse market is based on your company.
Collection and provision is free of charge in principle, but if you agree with our philosophy and purpose, please give us a donate.

Please see the "The Number of Goods" page for details of the items collected so far.


The Reuse Market was called off, because of "COVID-19".
The bed has reached the expected number of collections.
Acceptance of goods has started. This page.
The English page has been released.
The 25th Reuse Market official homepage has been established.